Quinque Astra Holding


The Big Impact of small Choices

fairtrade DDCQuince Astra, a totally different Holding.
We believe in AND, instead in OR.

We believe in people AND making profit.
We believe in saving our planet AND business development
We believe in profit AND a balance in wealth.

Why does this new way of doing business matter?
People do not trust business. They increasingly see companies as irresponsible, greedy and inhuman. Climate change and economic downturn have accelerated new expectations. Now it is the time to resolve the many paradoxes faced by customers who want ‘the best things’ but also to do ‘the right thing’ and business leaders who want to grow but in more responsible ways.

We dare to jump in all kind of businesses in all kind of countries with all kind of partners and all kind of people.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” From seed to eat. From farmer to customer. Positive not negative, about opportunities not problems, driven by creativity not compliance, a whole business challenge, not left to a few people.

Time for change!
Do you dare to join us and do it different? 
Can you make the right choice?