Quinque Astra Holding

Our companies

We are building a strong portfolio of businesses with a focus on long-term value creation and always a balance in people – planet – profit.

To accomplish great things, we realize we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. From seed to eat. From farmer to customer. Positive not negative, about opportunities not problems, driven by creativity not compliance, a whole business challenge, not left to a few people.

It is not only vital that our companies join our vision but all our suppliers and customers join forces in their pursuit for economic performance, environmental quality and social responsibility. By doing this, our suppliers contribute to our competitiveness in areas of sustainability, innovation, and business growth, security of supply, new business models and strategic alliances.

People – Planet – Profit

Together with our companies and their suppliers we are working in creating value in the areas of People, Planet and Profit simultaneously.

  • People – means we actively pursue better working conditions and a safe working environment with positive health effects, local community development and education for people all over the world.
  • Planet – means creating products with a lower eco-footprint than alternative products in the market, while providing the same or greater performance.
  • Profit – conducting business in an ethical and fair way as well as having products are not just carbon and energy efficient, but also of high quality and cost efficient.

We are engaged in an ongoing dialogue with suppliers, customers, NGO’s and industry peers that seek to increase the sustainability of the various value chains in which the company operates. This includes both environmental and societal sustainability. We work with them to continuously improve their – and therefore our – performance.